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The Top Cloud Web Hosting Services of 2015

Cloud hosting has become one of the most popular avenues for serving up websites big and small. The concept behind this technology allows resources from multiple servers in multiple locations to divide and conquer the loading of your site and allocate resources on the fly. Essentially your data is pulled faster and more efficiently and this leads to quicker load times and in turn increased customer satisfaction.

There are plenty of hosting services trying to cash in on the cloud craze, but only a few actually have the infrastructure to provide a noticeable impact. Here’s the breakdown…

Media Temple
#1 Media Temple Average Price
$15,000 in Compared Savings
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Media Temple’s branded cloud hosting offering, Helix, serves up unmatched performance, technology and features. Built on OpenStack and powered by the finest software and hardware in the industry there is no better cloud hosting option to be had. You’ll get customized, people-powered support every step of the way and have complete cost control with their fixed monthly rate. Although it’s not cheap, coming in at $7500/mo, Media Temple’s Helix does offer significant savings compared to their closest competitors.

#2 RackSpace Starting at
2.2¢/hour & 10¢/GB/month
Free Account
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Boasting Under Armour as a cloud hosting client definitely makes RackSpace legit. Their open cloud solution provides ultimate scalability with unlimited use for e-commerce sites, mobile applications, test environments and more. Their “Fanatical Support” also has unending technical knowledge and seasoned advice to keep your web initiatives running at full-boar.

#3 SingleHop Starting at
Backed by Customer Bill of Rights
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Looking for full control over your cloud hosting experience? SingleHop is arguably one of the best. With a multi-tenant environment offering scalable resources at the swipe of a slider, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more flexible option. Add to that a leading management panel and options for both public and enterprise solutions and you found yourself a winner.

#4 FireHost Starting at
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Every cloud hosting account at FireHost features managed enterprise security, a powerful server management portal and 24/7/365 support. Top that off with high availability configuration and comparatively low entry-level pricing and you see why FireHost makes the list. Of course none of that means much without a reputation of trust. No worries there, FireHost has a wide range of high-profile clients including USC, 3M and Terminix.

#5 HostNine Starting at
Free Migration Assistance
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Undoubtedly the cheapest hosting for cloud servers on our best of list, HostNine claims dominance in not only price but bandwidth and cPanel accessibility. HostNine is able to offer such a low price because they’ve structured a VPS offering as opposed to dedicated from the other providers. Their solution is geared for smaller level enterprises looking for a reliable option.