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The Top Reseller Hosting Services of 2015

Reseller hosting is essentially a partnership with hosting companies that allows small to medium sized businesses to “resell” hosting plans at a higher price to customers already getting web-related services such as web design and development. Many web hosting services will help you set up an independent website where you name the price of each plan and use your branding to disguise the relationship between the two companies. There’s nothing illegal about this as it’s simply enabling a middleman with unique services to package their business with a hosting solution that meets a clients needs.

If you’re in the market for the best reseller hosting providers that offer the most competitive prices and features take a gander at the list we’ve compiled ranking the top web hosting resellers.

#1 GoDaddy Average Price
$100 Free Ad Credits
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Reseller hosting mostly comes down to trust and features. Making it easy for customers to set-up web hosting for resellers is key to getting their business. If there’s one thing GoDaddy does well it’s that. If you’re a reseller there is a wealth of great pricing, expert support and solid infrastructure to build on.

#2 HostGator Average Price
$24.94 Off Reseller Hosting
Use Code : RESELL2014

Reseller hosting through HostGator is pretty simple. There is a lot of revenue potential when you choose this provider and their sheer size means you’ll have access to some of the best resources in the web hosting community.

#3 MidPhase Average Price
10% Off First Year
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MidPhase reseller hosting comes in at the middle of the pack in our list of best reseller hosting companies. You could do better with the providers listed up top, but you could also do much worse. We like MidPhase for their affordability and 24/7 support.

#4 Site5 Average Price
Unlimited Resold Accounts
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Site5 is a web hosting company with a little personality. It’s refreshing to deal with a service that cares about their brand and makes an effort to engage its customers. When it comes to reselling hosting they’ve committed to a 45 day money back guarantee and doing everything possible to help you succeed online.

#5 GreenGeeks Average Price
1st Month $.01
Activate Offer

GreenGeeks is leading the charge in the eco-friendly movement that includes clean wind energy and reduced carbon emission. Just like their traditional hosting, GreenGeeks offers reseller hosting that appeals to environmentally conscious customers. Oh and they have features for days.