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The Top Shared Web Hosting Services of 2015

Shared hosting is your basic, run of the mill affordable web hosting plan. Typically it entails sharing both the physical and virtual assets of a server with a number of other websites. For smaller operations, such as blogs, a shared hosting package is usually sufficient in terms of storage and bandwidth.

On occasion, depending on the web hosting provider, shared plans can cause your website to lag and sometimes stop loading all together because another website is consuming too many of the limited resources “shared” by a group of sites. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but most common is an unexpected spike in traffic that cripples an entire server.

We’ve broken down the top shared hosts based on reliability, price and customer support to give you a good idea of which services excel in this category.

A Small Orange
#1 A Small Orange Starts at:
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A Small Orange is the cream of the crop when it comes to shared hosting. Their stellar support, industry leading low prices and solid infrastructure make for an unmatched combination of hosting goodness.

#2 iPage Average Price
$1.99/mo for Limited Time
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With an army of support from loyal customers it’s almost a no-brainer that iPage is near the top of the list for best shared hosting. They host over a million websites and specialize only in this low-cost form of web hosting.