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How We Rate

Web Hosting Preview is a leader in the movement to make hosting reviews more transparent. If you’re uninitiated then you’re probably unaware of the fact that web hosting review websites make a pretty penny by referring customers to a select few providers who offer extremely high commissions. It’s a lucrative business.

Although we’re also happy to collect a paycheck for leading customers to a hosting solution there’s a very big difference in our approach.

What Makes Us Different

1. We fully disclose that we make money for referrals so that our visitors know that we will be compensated should they choose to purchase from the hosting company we link to.

2. We actually rate companies based on their track record, customer support, features and pricing and not just on which one will make us the most money.

3. We know hosting. Our team of reviewers has extensive experience building and hosting websites with a large variety of services.

4. We feature providers that don’t offer any commission at all. Even if it means we don’t get any kickback.

5. We’re here for the long haul. We’ve committed to being a leader in the hosting review industry and vow to offer a wide range of content to help inexperienced consumers, as well as seasoned pros, find the hosting provider that is right for them.