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Company Overview: Open for business beginning in 2001, InMotion Hosting has slowly grown to be an industry leader in reliable web hosting. Their customer support and loyal customer base has helped them grow into one of the top hosting companies on the web.
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24/7 Support
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Higher Pricing
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Trustworthy hosting is a major concern for weary newcomers building their first website. With round the clock support, glowing customer reviews and low prices InMotion Hosting should definitely be a consideration for your business.

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The Nitty Gritty

About InMotion Hosting

Since 2001, InMotion has been providing quality hosting services dedicated to pushing the envelope of web hosting technology, implementing state-of-the-art tools and engineering techniques. It is the only hosting service to offer “Max Speed Zones”, a system of multiple data centers that allows web sites to operate up to six times faster than other leading web hosting service providers can deliver.


InMotion has been owned and operated by its employees for over 10 years with a record that has earned praise from e-commerce leaders, the Better Business Bureau and countless users. Their dedicated team of technicians and web gurus has an average of over four years’ experience in the web hosting realm. InMotion operates an excruciating level of quality control, which includes regular performance reviews and a system of benchmarking anomalies over time in order to analyze performance. To back up its claim of quality and service, the company offers a generous 90-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing and Plans

The company offers three standard plans: Launch, Power and Pro. All offer unlimited monthly data transfer and disk space. Personal web sites can get up and running with 1000 GB of bandwidth for as little as $5.56 per month. The Power level doubles your capacity for FTP, e-mail spam filtering and MySQL database support for $7.16 per month, while Pro offers unlimited subdomains, parked domains and FTP capacity for $13.95 per month.

Price Launch Plan Power Plan Pro Plan
1 Month Not Applicable Not Applicable $18.95 $17.95/mo + $40 Setup
1 Year $7.95 $6.95/mo ($12 Off) $9.95 $8.95/mo ($12 Off) $14.95 $13.95/mo ($12 Off)
$83.40 Total $107.40 Total $167.40 Total
2 Year $6.95 $5.95/mo ($24 Off) $8.95 $7.95/mo ($24 Off) Not Applicable
$142.80 Total $190.80 Total
Purchase Purchase Purchase

The price range for InMotion services averages a few dollars higher than other leading providers, but the site offers deals like introductory discounts to offset the slightly higher cost. InMotion is also the only major web hosting provider to offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. This indicates a level of confidence on the part of the company that might justify that extra cost.

VPS, Dedicated Servers and Commercial Class

For operators of super dynamic web sites, InMotion offers three levels of VPS hosting, providing 512 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB of RAM respectively. Storage capability ranges from 40 to 160 GB, and bandwidth from 750 to 2,500 GB per month. VPS plans start at $29.95 per month.
For the highest level of speed and security, InMotion offers dedicated server plans ranging from $119.95 to $189.95 per month. The lower-priced plan, Essential, supports 5 individual IPs, while the higher-priced plan, Elite, supports 15 IPs.
For the ultimate in flexibility, speed and capacity InMotion also offers Commercial Class dedicated servers with 600 to 1,200 GB storage capacity. The two Commercial Class dedicated server plans on offer start at $469.95.

WordPress Hosting

For the avid blogger, InMotion offers an easy way to transfer your domain free of charge for the first year, and combines security with performance and the same money-back guarantee for $5.95 per month. Bloggers get the same level of support and access to tools as web site managers for their blogging needs.


Key features of InMotion’s web hosting services are:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Transfer
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Real Time Spam Filtering
  • Web Site Builder
  • Free Google Adwords and Yahoo/Bing ad credits
  • 1-click install for hosting tools
  • Custom Web Design Services
  • 99.9% Uptime

Admin Panel

InMotion cPanelThe InMotion cPanel brings all of your admin needs together in one place for free. Simply select the domain you want to work on via the drop-down menu (if you only have one it is already selected) and the site stats will appear on the left-hand side of the page. Admin tools are categorized by function and represented by icons, so you can easily navigate to the activity you need to modify or research. Modify your settings or preferences, check your stats or initiate a tutorial – it’s all easily done in the free Admin Panel. You can go to the InMotion site and launch the panel’s interactive demo to check out all the features before you buy.

A few of the typical cPanel categories are:

    • Mail preferences
    • Security
    • Databases
    • Files

Customer Support

A highlight of the InMotion web service suite is its dedicated support. In addition to a comprehensive ticketing and help desk system that’s easy to use, the company provides around-the-clock phone support and an online community, regularly updated by experts, that guarantees your question will be addressed within 60 minutes. In-depth HTML, PERL, PHP and SQL guides offer instantly accessible information for users of all levels, and a suite of tutorials and online tools allows users to monitor performance and custom build sites to suit their preferences.


The level of server maintenance, customer support and web hosting experience makes InMotion a leading web service provider. From bloggers to small business entrepreneurs to dynamic domain operators, InMotion provides a consistent level of customer service and quality control. Getting started may cost a little more, but the 90-day money-back guarantee, an industry leader, might just close the deal.

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    I’ve been with InMotion for two years and started on shared hosting through VPS and now on Dedicated Servier. Sadly, the support has gotten much worse the more money I spend.

    My site has grown and while they seem to be good at basics, they know force you to pay for Premium Support when it comes to VPS and Dedicated Servers. I found it odd as most companies are going to treat the customers who spend a small fortune with them well, but my experience as many other dedicated server people who’ve since left, shows that is just not the case.

    With each server, I kept feeling like support was trying to push me on upsells to bigger servers. I have no problem upgrading when needed, but after being told by tech support that one Dedicated Server would be all I’d need for a year, within a week, another one tried to push me up to a Commercial Server which I didn’t need.

    Their new Premium Service is just not ready for primetime as it mainly consists of two people. Their hours are only 9 to 6 PM ET so if your site goes down at night your out of luck. Regular support now pushes VPS and Dedicated Server people to the Premium service which you have to pay for.

    I’d have no problem paying extra, but when you call a service Premium, you expect that. In the past month after upgrading, I’ve had more downtime on my site than ever in its 7 year history. I lost a couple great advertisers because of the downtime and then I found out that a few times regular support made changes to my server without my knowledge and then I had to pay the Premium Service to get it fixed. The Advanced Team let me know that this had happened.

    I finally broke down and wrote a full letter to what they call Customer Care. It took some time but they finally called me back, but then never once apologized for all the problems or even offered to help fix anything. The person tried to rush me off and make me think it was my fault , but he quickly learned that I understand my server issues and then he kept giving me long pauses of quiet.

    I was more than shocked after reading countless good reviews like this one. But after I mentioned my experience on Twitter, the real truth came out about InMotion and two of their employees were very upfront which I appreciated. They let me know it wasn’t uncommon for support to make changes which caused more harm than good and then push the customer off onto the Premium Service plan which you have to pay for.

    I also was sent over 60 e-mails from people who’ve left InMotion in the past two months due to problems just like this.

    Sadly most people who have left don’t write about their experiences with InMotion so all people know are the good reviews. Hopefully this will get posted, but I will be writing further of my nightmare with InMotion Hosting.

    They’re good if you’re a smaller website, but once you take off, they can’t handle it.

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